Month: September 2012

The Many Coloured Messenger

I am closing down BardBox. I launched the site back in May 2008 as a means to start curating the many inventive forms of Shakespeare videos which were starting to appear on YouTube, and which seemed to me to be as creative, distinctive and worthy of praise as any other form of Shakespearean production. Four years on I have posted on some 150 videos, which is just a small proportion of the tens of thousands out there, but I hope that the few that I have selected justify the endeavour and have encouraged others to explore some of these works for themselves. Now it is time to stop, because I have said what I want to say, and I am reducing much of my online writing to a single outlet, at, where you may find more of my thoughts on filming Shakespeare in the future.

This final selection, made in 2010 by A-level student geoggers6, is as good an example of the genre as you might hope to find – a quite delightful animation loosely inspired by Prospero’s parting words. Our revels now are ended, but the videos live on. BardBox will therefore remain online as an archive (so new comments will be blocked), in which form I hope it may be an inspiration to some. I’m also keeping the BardBox YouTube channel (and its successor channel) going, where you will find more videos that I have been able to comment on here.

Thank you to all the creative filmmakers whose work BardBox has highlighted, and to the loyal few who have followed and sometimes kindly praised the site.