Month: July 2010

Prospero and Caliban in the Meadowlands

Date: 2008
Posted by: msakarya
Cast: not given
Credits: Made by Mustafa Sakarya
Duration: 2.24

Portentous or what? The gnomic description provided on YouTube says that this is a “surgical edit of Shakespeare’s The Tempest: a love story set in the backdrop of Sept. 11”. What we get is a scene filmed a road bridge (there is incidental noise a-plenty, including the footsteps of the camera operator). A shirtless, bearded, overweight man (presumably Caliban) is wearing headphones and pointing a crossbow at a second man with frockcoat and beard, seated a table with a pile of books and a tape recorder that he is listening to through headphones (Prospero). On one of the bridge supports are several photographs of faces, words (‘Nether World’) and pornographic pictures which Prospero then spray-paints. Close-up of Prospero, then track back to Caliban aiming the crossbow at him. The End. No, I’ve no idea either.

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