Cymbeline Lane

Date: 2008
Posted by: mcshnee
Credits: Created by Caitlin Boulter, Daniel Fry, Tristan Schumacher and Alex Tinker, music by David Evans
Cast: Alex Tinker (Imogen), Daniel Fry (Cloten)
Duration: 6.16

This intriguing and stylish Australian short film is decribed as “drawing upon characters and ideas from Shakespeare’s Cymbeline“, its subject being “the destructive nature of greed”. It is probably a work better experienced than explained, but it features an unhappy couple (Imogen and Cloten), dividing up the belongings of a deceased woman, which include a copy of Shakespeare’s works, hidden within which (at Cymbeline) are some banknotes. It ends with the reading of a will, at which the complete works is bequeathed “to my cherished granddaughter Imogen Cymbeline”. It is well acted, very competently shot (the sound recording is less clear) and all together it is most pleasingly mysterious. One to watch and then watch again.

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  1. Wow. Immensely flattered. Thankyou.

    Would it be possible to amend the credits? It’s Alex Tinker as Imogen, and Daniel Fry as Cloten.



  2. Hi Caitlin,

    Thanks for the corrections, duly made. Glad to have praised where praise is due.


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