Ophelia’s Suicide Soliloquy

Date: 2008
Posted by: fidelis1400
Credits: Written and performed by fidelis1400
Cast: fidelis1400 (Ophelia)
Duration: 4.32

Oh, that my expiring heart, craving for love
Had not been inflamed by thee, thee the most unfeeling creature…

Shakespeare did not provide Ophelia with a suicide speech, and we learn of her death only through another’s description. Though few who have tried to embellish, imitate or rectify Shakespeare according to their own tastes have proved successful, fidelis1400 has made so bold as to write and perform an imaginary final speech for Ophelia. Whether or not it’s needed does not matter much. As a performance it is done with feeling, filmed in searching close-up in semi-darkness (the watery sound effects off-set somewhat by the glass door in the background). The poetry is not exactly iambic pentameter, but this needs rather to be seen as a critique of Shakespeare, who made Ophelia a victim without words enough to let us understand her own tragedy.

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