Fear no more the heat o’ the sun

Date: 2008
Posted by: poetryanimations
Credits: Created by Jim Clark
Cast: Robert Donat (voice)
Duration: 1.34

A slightly unsettling animation in which a portrait of William Shakespeare is seen to deliver the ‘Fear no more the heat o’ the sun’ speech from Cymbeline (Act 4 Scene 2). The animation was created Jim Clark, who has made a speciality of creating similar animations of portraits of poets ‘reading’ their work (Wilfred Owen, John Keats, T.S. Eliot etc). In this instance, Shakespeare’s words are provided by a recording of the British actor Robert Donat. The image is protected at various points with a spoiler.

Jim Clark has also produced a similar animation of Shakespeare reciting ‘All the world’s a stage’ from As You Like It and Hamlet’s advice to the players, animated to a c.1919 Edison sound recording by Harry E. Humphrey.

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